Mouldings and Seals

If you need a rubber or plastic part that isn’t available off-the-shelf, we can make it for you. We work with you from “concept to reality” to create engineered mouldings that meet your exact requirements, saving you having to invest in expensive in-house machinery and expertise.

What makes Gulf’s Engineered Mouldings different:

Superior Solutions: By leveraging the breadth of our technological capabilities – from our ability to develop compounds with unique properties to our range of manufacturing technologies across our 15 factories – we are able to provide you with superior, and cost effective solutions.

No surprises: Our engineers and scientists work in with you to ensure that the design process conforms to your requirements / expectations.

  • Firewall Seal

    Firewall Seal

    Designed to work in the engine bay compartment, Gulf firewall seals are used by all major car manufacturers. read more