Gulf is a leader in the GAS industry

Requirements have become much tougher in this industry, especially concerning automotive gas. Cars are no longer just refitted to run on LPG/CNG, they are produced as gas equipped OEM vehicles. Therefore, manufacturers demand extremely reliable OEM parts that perform consistently under different conditions and with variable gas qualities.


Why Gulf


Building on Tumedei’s 20 years of experience, Gulf is a leader in this industry. We produce key regulator and injector components for the world’s largest producers of LPG/CNG systems.

World leading technology

We’re at the forefront of designing and manufacturing components that meet the stringent requirements of the gas LPG/CNG industry.


Gulf components are used in a wide range of OEM vehicles, offering long-term reliability.

Range of materials

We create rubber compounds that meet specifications and tolerate different gas standards including R67, R110 and EN.


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